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How to Install Wall Anchors to Hang Pictures

I get asked a lot about hanging pictures in plasterboard and have seen a lot of…

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Floating Shelves

The main reason I like to use floating shelves is that there are no visible brackets.  I get a…

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You need Recycled timber in your life!

Who would have thought that salvaging old timber could provide such a great product that is eco-friendly and possess…

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Secrets Of The Tape Measure

Here are a few interesting features on a tape measure which you might find useful:

End hook

The end hook is a…

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Deck Maintenance – All You Need To Know

Decks are an important extension of your home and are used so much during summer for entertaining, relaxing or…

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Timber and Kids

Local hardware stores make the task of sourcing timber for your home projects easy with a huge range of…

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